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Anne’s Cotton Club Cafe has been around for over ten years and is without a doubt one of the top culinary experiences in the Lowveld. Loved by regular, local customers and tourists alike, there is no doubt that this gorgeous restaurant at 24 Degrees is an absolute must for a delicious breakfast or lunch.

The restaurant runs out of the original homestead and with a collection of talented and well trained cooks in the kitchen it is hardly surprising that Anne’s Cotton Club Cafe has become one of the best loved attractions in the Hoedspruit area. The food that is served is both genuine and inspiring, from more traditional dishes with a twist such as a Classy Cheeseburger with chips (oh boy and those chips!) to a slightly more adventurous tagine, or Cape Malay curry everything on the menu is totally delicious.

What is even more glorious and really keeps the regular clients coming back again and again is that the menu is changed once or twice a week and it is open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch. Anne also specializes in catering for functions including bush weddings, and you can rest assured that the renown flavour and look of the restaurant’s food is recreated in any destination.

As the owner lived in rural France for a while her experience with French cuisine is extensive, the honesty, depth and flavours that she experienced there with food have been brought into the cuisine experience at Anne’s Cotton Club Cafe. It is this ability to interpret these flavours that really explains why she loves running the restaurant and what keeps her menus so inspired, it also explains why this is such a well loved spot and she has such a loyal and supportive following.