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Trixi Junge is a self taught potter genius, her functioning artworks are all unique and highly sought after. Her only store in the Hoedspruit area is at 24 Degrees South, here she showcases all the different works she creates from bowls to jugs and platters, each bearing a unique hand painted pattern.

However, pottery was not Trixi’s first port of call, she actually studied translation and journalism and just did pottery as a hobby. Then one day Fritz, her husband, put her in touch with Trish Wilson (of Lost City interior fame) who gave her her first commission for a number of basins to be sent off to the middle East. Since then, sixteen years ago, it has been a full time occupation and passion. Trixi makes everything by hand, no moulds are used and she fires everything at a very high heat which means all her handcrafted products are dishwasher and microwave proof, a characteristic that she feels sets her a part. The other distinctive thing about her work is the technique she uses, the small lines and indentations on the pottery are created by using a porcupine quill which she finds lasts longer than metal as they don’t wear as quickly, its just finding them that is sometimes the problem!

Trixi has three different core areas of her bussiness, there is her art range, pieces mostly bought by foreigners who have an appreciation of functional art; then the bread and butter stuff, which sells the most and lastly the Lixi ware which are fermented crocks, this range arose out of Trixi’s passion about food and healthy living. A wonderful person who is so dynamic and passionate, Trixi has lived at Hartebeespoort for 30 years and is not from the Lowveld which is why we are so lucky at 24 Degrees to have a whole shop filled with her goods. Make sure to pop in and have a look next time you visit us, now you know about the porcupine quill you may have more of an appreciation of the incredible artworks she produce!