MY NAME IS TRIXI JUNGE AND I CREATE UNIQUE CERAMIC PIECES! Opening at 24 Degrees South beginning of May – Trixi Junge’s latest shop. My journey to this point has been a very varied and interesting one. Ceramics has always been a hobby of mine, but I only turned it into a life choice 10 years ago. As my parents thought art was an unacceptable career choice, I ended up studying architectural draughting, followed by a degree in Translation. Throughout my “career life”, I found myself drawn back to pottery and ceramics. I opened a part-time teaching studio and got caught up in the continuous status struggle between ART and CRAFT, between creating something unique, and being able to make a living off it. The result of this exploration journey has been most rewarding and this website will showcase some of my more recent work. I work exclusively in Stoneware and my pieces are high fired, in order to render a microwave and dishwasher proof end product. NOTE: Prices displayed are subject to change.